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  • KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester in Bangladesh 5  
    ৳ 75,000.00

    KYORITSU 4200 Earth Clamp Tester in Bangladesh The earth resistance from 0.05 to 1200Ω can be measured without the auxiliary earth spikes. (The Multiple Earthing System.). True RMS, Accurate True RMS readings of AC current including distorted waveform from 1mA to 30.0A. • The earth resist...... More Info

    November 18, 2019
  • Sale of gold and precious metals 1  
    $ 32,000.00

    Sale of gold and precious metalsYou do not want to declare your wealth to the tax authorities, you want to launder your capital in safe haven, no more worries. Buy gold to protect yourself from inflation, deflation, or the systematic crisis in the financial markets. We are the solution. Gold is the ...... More Info

    February 20, 2019
  • Conference Table bd (C.T 0010) 3  
    ৳ 25,000.00

    Conference table is critical detail of the room in which negotiations with business partners will take place. It is the maximum critical piece of furniture for a present day workplace. So we have come to here new style and diverse type of manager table for you and your office.   Conference ta...... More Info

    October 26, 2019
  • RO Water Purifier 2  
    ৳ 22,000.00

    বিশ্বসেরা  প্রযুক্তি, দক্ষজনবল, আন্তরিকসেবারনিশ্চয়তাদিতে MIRZA RO Water Purifier এরক্ষুদ্রপ্রচেষ্টা্। বিশুদ্ধপানিরচেয়েওবেশী কিছু ।   লক্ষ্য : সবার. জন্যবিশুদ্ধওনিরাপদপানি। অনুপ্রেরণা : সত্যবাদীব্যবসায়ীকিয়ামতেরদিনশহীদগনেরসাথেথাকবে। আমাদেরবিশ্বাস : ক্রেতাসন্তুষ্টি ; ব্যবসায়সমৃদ্ধি। আমাদের...... More Info

    October 4, 2019
  • Office workstation bd (W.D 0022) 4  
    ৳ 16,500.00

    In case you are looking to Shop for a computer desk in your workplace. From contemporary-day place of job workstations to small workplace workstations, we've all of it proper right here in case you want to pick out from. We like being able to offer our customers a massive shape of preference so that...... More Info

    November 12, 2019
  • Workstation design bd (W.D-005) 5  
    ৳ 16,500.00

    In case you are looking to buy a pc desk in your office. From modern-day office workstations to small office workstations, we have it all right here which will select from. We adore being capable of offer our customers a large variety of desire so you can locate the proper pc table for you, while no...... More Info

    October 24, 2019
  • 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope 4  
    ৳ 16,200.00

    3M™ Littmann® Master Cardiology™ Stethoscope, Plum Tube, Polished Stainless Steel Finish, 27 inch Outstanding acoustics: The highest in Littmann mechanical stethoscopes. Tunable diaphragm: Hear high or low frequency sounds by slightly adjusting pressure on the chestpiece. Dual-lumen...... More Info

    December 9, 2018
  • kitchen Snaidero: Gioconda 7   Video
    € 16,000.00

    translation made with google translator Giocanda Snaidero: Top quartz, appliances: 1) Cooking: SMEG p106 2) dishwasher: REX TT012XE 3) Sink: Franke Aquarius excluding accessories The kitchen consists of two blocks: 1) Dry Zone: 190x130 cm approximately 2) Cooking area: 365 x 75 cm approx *WARNING: T...... More Info

    February 6, 2013
  • Looking for parts for your Air Conditioning & Heating System? 2  
    ৳ 9,270.00

    Looking for parts for your Air Conditioning & Heating System? Looking To Save Money and Do It Yourself ? We have a large selection of parts for all makes and models of Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment and all Major Home Appliances HVAC Equipment Thermostats Electrical Parts Conden...... More Info

    October 31, 2019
  • $ 9,000.00

    If u want to be smart person in your real life. U can use a smart band that help you to keep your body feet. To know more and buy it clicl here More Info

    October 23, 2019
  • Ro water purifier /filter/পানি বিশুদ্ধকরণ মেশিন 4   Video
    ৳ 8,500.00

    রবিউলআউয়ালমাসেরসন্মানেনামমাত্রমূল্যে /পানির দামে সর্বাধুনিক পানি বিশুদ্ধকরণ মেশিন RO water purifier  Heron Gold (China)  পূর্বেরমূল্য 14500 বতমানমূল্য 12500 Eco Fresh (China)     পূর্বেরমূল্য 9000 বতমানমূল্য 7000 Aquq Pro (China)     পূর্বেরমূল্য 95...... More Info

    November 19, 2019
    Others From Dhaka
  • ৳ 6,800.00

    Description ​Zkteco k40 is the best time attendance device in Bangladesh. With high-performance firmware functions and compact design, it has become one of ZKTeco’s most popular devices. ZKTeco k40 fingerprint capacity 3000, Id Card capacity 3000, Huge logs capacity 100000. It is a 2.8-inch TF...... More Info

    August 27, 2019
  • Erkaphon Duo Stethoscope 2  
    ৳ 4,600.00

    PRECISE, HEAR EVERYTHING. The Erkaphon duo has a reversible double chest-piece. The open bell side is specially designed for low frequencies and the membrane side for the entire frequency spectrum. The universal application range as well as the durable, compact construction makes the ...... More Info

    December 9, 2018
  • Patient Wheel Chair 4  
    ৳ 4,000.00

    Condition: New (only 5 days used) ... More Info

    October 26, 2019
  • MDF Dual Head Stethoscope - All Black 4  
    ৳ 1,600.00

    Accuracy is a constant focus in the medical instrumentation arena. The quest to improve functionality, acoustic sensitivity, precision, and performance is a driving force at the heart of the industry. MDF® instruments is more keenly aware of this challenge than most, with research and innovation...... More Info

    October 31, 2018
  • PRESTO SH110 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer in Bangladesh 3  
    ৳ 1,550.00

    PRESTO SH110 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer in Bangladesh Brand: PRESTO Model: SH110 Made in Taiwan Price: BDT 1,550/-   Specification Size: 109*98*21mm Material: ABS Range: indoor -10~+50C, outdoor - 50~+70C Advantage: Large LED display Display Indoor temperature and humidity, Outdoor temperature; ...... More Info

    July 30, 2019
    Environment From Dhaka
  • Brand New Sealed Apple 11 inch MacBook Air US Spec Core i5, Flash,HD 2  
    £ 839.00

    Product Information  Smarter and sharper, the Apple Mac Air Laptop 2012 offers you the power of faster computing. Equipped with a powerful 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core, this Mac Air is truly performance oriented. The 11.6-inch screen with an LED-backlit display of this laptop delivers stunning ...... More Info

    February 6, 2013
  • Original Unlocked Iphone for sale 1  
    ৳ 650.00

    I have brand new Unlocked Iphone 8 / 8s / X / XS / XSMax / X 256GB 512GB and lastest samaung note9   I have in stock world's most advanced smartphone - the best iPhone ever created. This is iPhone 7 and 7plus   There will be a total of five colors silver, gold, pink gold, white and jet bla...... More Info

    December 28, 2018
  • Home Caregiver | Medical Attendants 2  
    ৳ 600.00

    24 Sheba এর উদ্দেশ্য হল বাসায় আপনাদের মা,বাবা,ভাই,বোন,স্বামী, স্ত্রী অথবা আত্মীয়, স্বজন অসুস্থ হাসপাতাল কিংবা বাসায় অতীরিক্ত সেবা দেওয়া দরকার কিন্তু আপনারা ব্যস্ততার কারনে তা দিতে পারছেন না তাই বিশেষ করে বাসায় ঠিক ঠাক যত্ন, সময় ও ঔষধ খাওয়ানো সম্ভব হয়ে পরে না। রোগী একা একা থাকায় নিজের কাছে নিজেকে অসহ...... More Info

    August 30, 2019
  • PIR/Motion Sensor মানুষ আসলে জ্বলবে বাতি 5   Video
    ৳ 495.00

    80-95% বিদ্যুৎসাশ্রয়ী Motion Sensor Light Holder মোশন সেন্সর লাইট হোল্ডার   কার্জপ্রণালী. : মানুষআসলে বাতি অটোজ্বলেউঠবেএবংচলেগেলে নিভেযাবে।খুবই মজার। মাসে বাঁচবে হাজার………….টাকা  (আমাদের এ হোল্ডার ব্যাবহারে) প্রমাণসহ   ভাবুনতো সিড়িতে মানুষ যাতায়াতের সামান্ন ...... More Info

    November 19, 2019
    Business For Sell From Dhaka
  • Motion Sensor Light Holder মোশন সেন্সর লাইট হোল্ডার 2  
    ৳ 395.00

    Motion Sensor Light Holder মোশন সেন্সর লাইট হোল্ডার.  : কার্জপ্রণালী. : এটিমানুষআসলে অটোজ্বলেউঠবেএবংচলেগেলে  অটো নিভেযাবে। সুবিধাসমূহ. : * বিদ্যুৎবিল বিশেষভাবেসাশ্রয়ীও অপচয় রোধকারী * সুইচঅফ-অন এর ঝামেল নেই * ভূলোমনা মানুষের পরম বন্ধু * চোরের যম ও ডিজিটাল পাহাড়াদার * বাড়ীর সিঁড়িতে, চারিপাশে...... More Info

    October 8, 2019
  • Rafco Honey is Pure 5  
    ৳ 350.00

      Rafco Pure Honey Price Per kg.   Honey from Shorisha Flower     - Tk.  350 /per kg Honey from Lichu Flower          - Tk.  400 /per kg Honey from Boroi Flower         ...... More Info

    November 6, 2015
    Food and Beverage From Mirpur
  •  LED Light  এলইডি লাইট 4  
    ৳ 195.00

    বৈশিষ্ট : * 80+ % বিদ্যুৎবিল বিশেষভাবেসাশ্রয়ী * সুন্দর সাদা আলো * দীর্ঘ্যস্থায়ী * নন – ওয়ারেন্টী (195/=),2 বছরের. ওয়ারেন্টী  (295/=) -20w LED  Light  ব্যাবহার করুন;নিজের ও দেশের  সম্পদ রক্ষা করুন । MIRZA Electro Tec. Mohammadpur & Motijheel Mob.: 01759133765 (Viber,Emo)...... More Info

    October 13, 2019
  • € 175.00

    Combined  Metal  Secret Design Magic Diamond Ring {Combined Metal + Secret Design + Certified Natural Diamond} for Rich, Fame, Wealth, Power & Prosperity.    CollectSketch, Drawing, Secret Design, Accurate Measurement with ...... More Info

    September 29, 2018
  • Ladies Eastern Dress 1  
    £ 85.00

    Painted & Embroidery White Chiffon shirt & Jamawar Lacha with Jamawar Dupatta.... More Info

    February 6, 2013
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